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Hancock Talks Podcast

Now there's an easy way to gain ideas that can help grow your business. Our informative podcast series offers insights into life insurance trends and opportunities — both in the industry and at John Hancock — with a focus on tactics that can help drive your life insurance sales

Most recent episodes:

Episode 19 • December 2021 • 30mins

In this episode of Hancock Talks, we focus on the estate-planning landscape and the impact of potential tax legislation, both today and during the year ahead. We’re joined by Kevin Blanton, Associate Counsel with John Hancock’s Advanced Markets group, to discuss:

  • Advantages of acting now to help your clients benefit from the present exemptions for estate and gift taxes — and the Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax (GSTT) — and options for those who want to wait
  • Current and potential legislative changes and how they can impact financial planning 
  • Estate-planning strategies to help clients better prepare for whatever the future holds

Episode 18 • November 2021 • 15mins

This episode discusses the importance of having a plan for a long-term care event, including: 

  • How informal caregiving has become a “crisis” 
  • Why financial professionals should discuss the impact of a long-term care event with clients
  • What factors clients should consider when planning for their potential need for long-term care 

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Episode 17 • October 2021 • 32mins

In this new episode of Hancock Talks, two knowledgeable and insightful guests — Michael Amoia, of Crump Life Insurance Services, and Michael Fontanini, of Lion Street — sit down with Carly Brooks, AVP & Counsel to discuss the sweeping tax law changes, which if enacted, would impact wealth transfer and trust planning. Help your clients understand what’s on the horizon, including:

  • A summary of the proposed changes, such as changes to grantor trusts and “use it or lose it” estate tax exemptions
  • Options clients may wish to consider with their financial professionals — both now and after potential enactment
  • Where to find Advanced Markets tools and resources

Episode 16 • August 2021 • 25mins

Make this September the best Life Insurance Awareness Month yet by learning how to uncover new sales opportunities and overcome purchase barriers. We’re joined by Alison Salka, Senior Vice President and Director of Member Benefits Research, LIMRA, who will discuss the following topics:

  • Why now is the time to talk about life insurance
  • How innovation is helping close the life insurance gap
  • Tips for dispelling myths and building trusted client relationships
  • How to add value during policy reviews

Episode 15 • July 2021 • 13mins

This month we are discussing how John Hancock is making the buying process easier for our firms, producers, and clients. This episode will explore:

  • Our latest, cutting-edge solutions which dramatically reduce the life insurance sales cycle
  • The approach we’ve taken to tackle many of the traditional buying-process pain points 
  • How we’re delivering a more customer-centric experience

Episode 14 • June 2021 • 36mins

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear Marti Barletta, a best-selling author and marketing expert, as she talks about what women are looking for in a life insurance producer and provides insights and tactical solutions for building your referrals and book of business. This episode will explore:

  • Why women represent an untapped sales market
  • Women’s mindset and how it differs from male clients
  • Tactics and ideas for prospecting and generating referrals
  • Understanding women’s needs, preferences, and priorities

Episode 13 • April 2021 • 28mins

This month we are exploring how to avoid stalled deals and client procrastination with the goal of shortening the sales cycle and helping clients make a decision faster and with less effort. Our featured guest is Chuck Hollander, founder of Red Flag Advantage and past President and Chairperson of the Board of Forum 400. Chuck has over 25 years of experience in financial services as a top producer, entrepreneur and speaker. This episode will share insights on:

  • A framework that helps producers overcome stalled deals, create a sense of urgency and drive outcomes
  • Identifying the point in time where the probability of a sale is the highest
  • Uncovering reasons why clients decide not to act and  how to anticipate them
  • Understanding the importance of client goals in the sales process 

Episode 12 • Feburary 2021 • 27mins

Our newest podcast focuses on potential legislative changes that could affect small business owners, highlighting how they can navigate their current and future needs. We’re joined by Caroline Brooks, head of Advanced Markets and AVP and counsel for John Hancock Insurance, who will share insights on:

  • Protecting against the loss of a key person in your organization
  • How proposals may impact C corporations
  • Using life insurance as an executive-retention strategy
  • Where to find marketing tools and materials to help deepen your understanding of planning concepts and help grow your business

Episode 11 • January 2021 • 34mins

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear Steve Herlihy, a Partner with Wellspring Associates and an avid Vitality member, as he talks about his personal experience with John Hancock Vitality PLUS and how he positions the program with his high-net-worth clients.

In this episode, we will also explore:

  • New member data at the program’s five-year milestone showing positive health outcomes 
  • Insights on how Vitality PLUS can provide long-term value and financial benefits to help protect wealth and maintain health
  • How Vitality PLUS can enhance your clients’ life insurance policy performance and offer you a significant sales opportunity 
  • Ways to promote Vitality using resources and touchpoints throughout the client journey

For ideas and resources to help put the tactics we discuss in this episode into action, visit our dedicated Vitality page.

Episode 10 • December 2020 • 21mins

In this episode of Hancock Talks, we are dissecting the potential impact the presidential election could have on wealth-transfer strategies for your high-net-worth (HNW) & high-income clients. We’re joined by Kevin Blanton, Associate Counsel with John Hancock’s Advanced Markets group, to discuss: 

  • Wealth-transfer strategies for HNW clients to take advantage of today
  • Opportunities to consider specifically for high-income clients
  • President-elect Biden’s proposals and how likely it is that legislative changes will occur
  • Ideas and resources to help put the tactics presented into action

Learn more with the latest Advanced Markets blog.   

Episode 9 • October 2020 • 23mins

Learn why now is the time for your high-net-worth clients to take advantage of today’s low interest rates. Our guest this episode is Alan Brown, a partner at the law firm HunterMaclean, who discusses strategies he’s utilizing today to help his clients benefit from both the historically high transfer tax exemptions and low interest rate environment.  In the latest episode, you’ll gain insights on:

  • Why now is an opportune time for clients to be doing estate planning
  • Planning methods that address estate-tax and asset-protection concerns
  • Techniques that benefit from low interest rates
  • How life insurance factors into this type of planning
  • Marketing tools and materials to help deepen your understanding and grow your sales

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Episode 8 • September 2020 • 24mins

This month on Hancock Talks, we’re exploring the connection between behavioral economics and financial decision-making. Our featured guest is Joey Davenport, President of the Hoopis Performance Network in Chicago. He has over 25 years of experience in financial services as a top producer. He is also co-author of the #1 bestselling book, The Power of Coaching: Engaging Excellence in Others.

In this episode, we will explore:

  • Ways behavioral economics can help close the life insurance coverage gap
  • Tactics you can use to help counteract the fear and confusion that can be hindering a client from making a financial decision
  • The guiding principles of behavioral economics that can help you close more sales
  • “Soft skills” that can benefit sales and client relationships — especially at this time when we’re conducting business remotely
  • Reasons now is the time to sell John Hancock life insurance products

Episode 7 • August 2020 • 33mins

We’re talking to experts in the areas of nutrition, technology and virtual health to learn about the latest trends in overall personal health and wellness. Our featured guests, Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian, Dean of Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University, and Dr. Vindell Washington, CEO of Onduo, share their insights on these topics that are top-of-mind for so many.

In this episode, we will explore:

  • How technology is enabling better access to virtual care as well as healthier routines, lifestyles and habits — ultimately driving greater engagement in personal health
  • The role of nutrition in baseline health and how it impacts longevity
  • How the John Hancock Vitality Program can offer a personalized solution to clients seeking a healthier life
  • Three easy ways to help start conversations with your new and existing clients about Vitality and John Hancock Aspire

Episode 5 • June 2020 • 21mins

Discover how conducting a policy review can not only have a positive impact on your clients, but can also bring about opportunities for you. In this episode of Hancock Talks, you’ll gain insights on: 

  • The value of reconnecting with clients and reviewing their existing coverage
  • Strategies and steps for conducting a policy review
  • Recent product innovations that can benefit clients today
  • Analyzing an existing policy and a sample case study of when needs change
  • Marketing tools and materials that can help guide you through the review process

Learn more with these additional resources and marketing materials.

Episode 4 • May 2020 • 20mins

See how we are meeting the needs of our partners, distributors, and clients. In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • How distributors are adapting during this time of uncertainty 
  • Changes during this time that may impact our business going-forward
  • Laws that will make it easier to execute on estate planning documents
  • Insights how to utilize social media during social distancing

Episode 3 • April 2020 • 33mins

A gifting strategy is one of the best ways to enhance your client’s legacy and minimize their exposure to transfer taxes. Given today’s uncertainty, clients who are able to leverage the largest gift tax exemption in history may be more reluctant than ever to irrevocably give away their assets — even if they know it will benefit their estates in the long run.

  • Advantages of making gifts today given the current market environment
  • Ways to leverage some of the lowest AFRs in history to create flexibility and alleviate client concerns
  • Insights on a wait-and-see strategy that gives clients the power to decide when and if to make a gift
  • Underwriting tips for submitting your large cases

Episode 2 • March 2020 • 16mins 

Knowing the key selling points to Indexed UL can help you uncover value for your clients and open new opportunities for you.

In this episode, you’ll learn

  • Why IUL has become so popular
  • Key tips, product details and tools that can help make the IUL sale
  • The tools available to help manage IUL policy performance

Plus, see how to apply the backstop concept to IUL and get an overview of the marketing resources available to support your IUL sales process.

Episode 1 • March 2020 • 21mins 

This episode discusses a new program that pairs the protection of any John Hancock life insurance policy with a day-to-day diabetes management support.

This podcast will give actionable ways for financial professionals to prospect for Aspire clients, ideas on how to position the program to high-net-worth clients, and how to promote Aspire through social media channels. Tune in to see how the Aspire program can provide you a significant sales opportunity.

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